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Prototype development companies

Updated: Sep 21

Creating profitable and economically stable manufacturing solutions is mandatory to sustain in the current competitive market environment. To remain competitive in any industry, it is important to create high-quality machines that facilitate the needs and requirements of the end customer. To create machines that execute critical tasks in the production stage, it is important to create excellent conceptual designs through machine prototypes, to validate the manufacturing process.

What is a prototype design?

Prototype manufacturing is the miniature version of a system that has been fabricated considering the original idea. Prototypes make use of whatever tools that the original system requires so that engineers can deal with all the trials, errors, mistakes that they could encounter throughout the entire production process.

Rapid prototyping:

Several industries make use of the rapid prototyping process to develop a product successfully before the final release. This helps stakeholders to offer their feedback during the product development process. Prototypes also help to study the dynamics of a newly created solution and are tested thoroughly to determine their performance against set specifications. Engineers make use of these prototypes to incorporate changes to enhance the overall quality of the end product.

Exeliq solutions specialize in designing, engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing products for industries, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and large companies alike. Our prototype development services render flexible development processes to allow them to develop innovative products that suit their industries. Being an eminent business consulting company, we produce cost-effective prototype development services to a range of industries. We design and manufacture highly profitable and practical machines to bring efficiency to the manufacturing units.

Benefits of our expert prototyping services:

The prototype development process at Exeliq Solutions helps to save time and money and we specialize in developing prototypes in software designs, designs for power and electrical switchgear industry, automobile manufacturing units, etc.

We are capable of building prototypes during the design process itself so that our clients can examine the system, generate feedback, and think of ways to make things better.

It prevents costly modifications, as after spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, manufacturing units cannot afford changes. Creating prototypes helps in making quick modifications until the client is satisfied with the end product.

Our prototype models, that are created through machine data monitoring and MES systems, can serve as an invaluable tool for licensing and patenting, and to raise capital for manufacturing the end product. With us, you can get a prototype that has been made in different ways depending on the budget and the physical properties of the end machine that you expect.

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We generate computer generated virtual prototypes by making use of artificial intelligence tools, and create an animated model of how the final product works. According to our client demands, we can also create a conceptual prototype with the help of hardware in loop testing to learn exactly how the end product will look.

We also make use of 3D printing technology to create complex patterns that are impressive and convenient to help our clients benefit from secure designs and conventional manufacturing processes.

Steps involved in the prototype development process:

Prototype development at Exeliq Solutions generally goes through a series of phases, which includes the creation of

  • An appearance model, that involves a series of detailed drawings to demonstrate how the product looks.

  • Assembling the component to demonstrate how the end product will look.

  • Alpha prototyping, which is the fine-tuned early version of the product.

  • Beta Prototyping, which is an enhanced version of the product, and it also resembles the final product to some extent.

  • Pilot production, where final production equipment is used for fine-tuning the end product and its production procedures.

  • Creating a mature product that matches the requirements of our clients.

Final verdict:

Being a global innovation company, Exeliq Solutions focuses on developing game-changing products with businesses all over the globe. Our high tech prototyping and manufacturing processes help to reduce lead times and optimize the production cycles of our clients. Our client base ranges from start-ups to mid-size companies and large corporations. Prototypes are a part of what we do, and are pioneers in every single aspect of the design process. We have designed and developed several products for our clients, at different types of prototyping, production, and commercialization and have partners all over the country.


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