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Labview programming for industrial automation

Updated: Sep 17

Industrial automation is the secret tool behind the success of many industrial applications and instead of creating physical prototypes, many industries resort to software design tools to incur less material and diminish the use of excess hardware. LabVIEW software tool has made engineering designs easy as it implements the entire design in software. The tool can be used in many applications in diverse industries, which requires the need for virtual instruments instead of heavy and real instruments.

The LabVIEW programming platform features a tightly integrated suite of industry-standard components and tools that can be used to build expert automation and measurement applications. It is recognized as one of the most flexible and strongest platforms that aids in developing complex industrial automation systems with wide applications in the industrial measurement space.

LabVIEW is indeed a programming language and serves as a primary application software development tool that features configurable software tools that don’t require programming. It serves as a powerful tool for building automation applications and serves as a potential engineering lab tool that can be incorporated into mainstream engineering software development processes.

Applications of LabVIEW programming in diverse industries:

LabVIEW or Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench is the graphical representation for producing measurable and flexible designs, and serves as a tool to control and test applications, with less amount of cost. The tools help to interact with the real world from the virtual world and analyze data to incur meaningful results. The LabVIEW programs are termed as virtual instruments as their operations imitate physical instruments. The tool is designed to facilitate data analysis and collection and features numerous display options. The applications of the LabVIEW programming tool in different industries are as follows,

  • LabVIEW finds extensive use in industrial embedded control systems for advanced manufacturing.

  • It monitors and controls the manufacturing equipment.

  • LabVIEW helps in industrial embedded equipment control.

  • Establishing embedded control for industrial machines.

  • LabVIEW finds extensive use in industrial equipment, remote online condition monitoring.

  • It helps to improve the uptime of industrial equipment in the electrical switchgear and power industry.

  • The tool helps in condition monitoring for electric power generation.

Benefits of LabView programming tool:

  • The programmer can use the tool to design expert applications, irrespective of his proficiency levels.

  • LabVIEW is more user friendly and flexible compared with the text programming

  • A wide range of IoT (internet of things) applications are being deployed and developed in modern times with the help of this tool.

  • It reduces human efforts by replacing it with self-operated systems.

  • It helps engineers to take crucial decisions from any part of the world with the help of the internet.

  • This tool interfaces with the lab instruments and helps in parallel processing of data applications.

How we optimize our automation systems using LabVIEW at Exeliq Solutions:

LabVIEW is a powerful application development tool that has been optimized for creating automation applications in the production sector. Exeliq Solutions has been working with LabVIEW for many years and has harnessed its potential in completing its projects effectively. We were able to take complete control over critical systems while using the LabVIEW tool which has outnumbered other existing programming tools in its functionalities. Being an engineering-centric tool, it helps in creating custom user interfaces for diverse industries, including power, manufacturing, and electrical switchgear industries.

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LabVIEW serves as an excellent platform for undertaking a variety of different applications and has expanded from a mere graphical test management language to a more design environment system. We harness the tool for our diverse applications and use it for equipment control, data acquisition applications, and for creating designs for developing diverse projects in different industries.

At Exeliq Solutions, we harness the flexibility qualities of the LabVIEW tool to create expert programs for industrial automation according to the needs and preferences of our clients. The graphical programming approach of this tool helps in visualizing different aspects of our application development process and makes it easy for us to develop algorithms and design custom user interfaces as per our client’s needs.


Our team of expert LabVIEW programmers ensures to develop expert instrument control software for industrial automation and measurement applications. We also specialize in the development of instrument control software for automation and to test and measure the industrial applications that we create.


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