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Development Plan for Automation Modernization

The advent of globalization has increased the competitive pressure on various industries to not only accelerate their rate of manufacturing but also improve the various business processes of sharing information throughout their enterprise. Information sharing helps in driving better decision-making capabilities, improves the best practices collaboration techniques, and also helps in exposing the inefficiencies within various business processes.

Exeliq Solutions is one of the best automation companies in Delhi NCR which has rich experience seamlessly and securely facilitating information sharing with various stakeholders, external partners as well as customers to create a connected enterprise solution for their clients. A connected enterprise creation or automation technology requires an in-depth understanding of:

  • Manufacturing complexities

  • The opportunities provided by emerging technologies

  • Information control

  • Various roles and responsibilities of personnel

  • Networking technologies 

Automation helps the industries and businesses to stay ahead of their competitors through capturing and processing the right information and converting them into Working Data Capital. 

Exeliq Solutions has been able to help its numerous clients through this evolution of integrating automation in their businesses from concept to completion. This is what makes Exeliq, one of the best automation companies in Delhi NCR. 

The deployment of an automation plan by Exeliq solutions is done through 5 key stages:

  1. Assessment – it involves conducting a baseline assessment of the current state of operations as well as the future state. The goals of the automation are set in this stage where numerous issues regarding downtime, quality, equipment effectiveness, and productivity are identified.

  2. Creation of a secure and upgraded network control – the creation of a connected enterprise requires a common network infrastructure that will help to coordinate between the enterprise network and the automation control system. This will help in better asset utilization, reducing deployment risk as well as increasing sustainability.

  3. Defining and Organising Working Data Capital (WDC) – this is another important stage of deployment of automation where all problems regarding operational data of businesses are solved. This helps in separating the good, essential business data from bad or random data to convert them into meaningful data. Exeliq solutions develop customized intelligence software which is one of the major reasons for it being the best automation company in Delhi NCR. 

  4. Performing Analytics – Exeliq solutions provide automation systems that show real-time database analytics in KPI dashboards or web-based reports which can be shared across the enterprise to monitor various business processes.

  5. Inspire Collaboration – this is the final and most important step in the implementation of automation which helps the businesses to interconnect all business processes together to collaborate and share valuable information about all resources of the business including devices, machines, and people. 

Most of the automation companies in Delhi NCR stress on agreeing to contract only after you have completed all steps of the creation of a project specification document. But Exeliq solutions help businesses to create their future automation plans from the start till the deployment under total informational security to guide businesses in every step of their automation implementation.

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