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Best industrial iot companies in delhi NCR

How to choose the best Industrial IoT Company in Delhi NCR?

Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing that has happened with technological research and has revolutionized how the future of consumerism and business would appear to be. IoT for consumerism is very different from IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). Industrial IoT can be defined as wearing a blue-collar in an IoT setting where all the heavy lifting of continuously gathering operational data, especially in processes or machines is out of reach of employees, or in absence of employees. 

To choose the best Industrial IoT Company in Delhi NCR one has to choose a provider who has the best working experience in such industrial settings. Exeliq solutions is one of the best Industrial IoT companies in Delhi NCR which has experience in developing IIoT for clients like Bucher Hydraulics, Luminous, AKGEC Skills, National Instruments, Hydmark Applicon, Xpertpack, and many more.

It is important to choose an experienced IIoT company like Exeliq solutions when developing Industrial IoT because of the following reasons:

  • Type of devices – The type of sensors or devices used in IIoT is very different from the devices used in consumer IoT. Consumer IoT works under home settings that don't demand strength, agility, or life expectancy. But the devices used in IIoT demand all these characteristics as they do remote monitoring in places that are unsafe or hazardous for humans and thus may also sometimes require custom-built devices for a specific purpose. Exeliq solutions have the capability of advanced research and design teams which can build custom IIoT devices for very specific purposes with long life expectancy.  

  • Need for Enterprise Level Capabilities – the components and devices used in industrial IoT have to have enterprise-level capabilities which would be adaptable for use in corporate computing infrastructures. The level of security to be used in IIoT devices has to be airtight and of enterprise-level, so that it can provide adequate security to the corporate networks in the age of swelling cybersecurity issues. The IIoT devices have to have broad-spectrum integrating capabilities so that it can adapt to future needs of up-gradation of data integration and device management features. 

Exeliq solutions are regarded as one of the best Industrial IoT companies in Delhi NCR due to its all-round capabilities of building custom IIoT devices which provide comprehensive managed services options. This helps the client industries to eliminate the complexities of handling IIoT architecture by the internal IT team of the company. 

IIoT architecture and solutions providers like Exeliq solutions are considered one of the best Industrial IoT companies in Delhi NCR because of the following reasons:

  • Exeliq solutions provide a complete IIoT solution of creating, managing, optimizing as well as integrating enterprise software and back-end systems of the current industrial business infrastructure with IIoT solutions.    

  • It has the capabilities of creating custom IIoT platforms which can be optimized according to the needs of the business.

  • It offers enterprise-wide security solutions for the IIoT platforms.

  • They have multiple levels of experience working in various IIoT projects.

  • They have capabilities of creating IIoT data analytics as part of the IIot integration package.

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