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Achieve better, predict future, dream big and fly high by setting your foot for the future with industrial automation

The most trending thing in everyone's mouth is 5G services, artificial intelligence, and related automation. People have already started day-dreaming things which might be feasible through automation. Companies are also geared up to take to this new trend, updating technologies, recruiting desired manpower so that they can stay marketable in the coming days.

Exeliq Solutions based in Ghaziabad is one of those companies that are grounded to make the industries realise their dreams through industrial automation with the use of technology.

The services they provide and four-pronged:-

  • Training and consultancy

  • Product development

  • Custom automation

  • Prototyping

Internet of Things

Providing automation services need a lot of understanding of the techniques and the machines, design, and processes involved in the making of the product. With the use of the Internet of things or IoT which helps in streamlining, integrating, and developing an architecture that will help in the organisation to develop effective, eco- friendly, safe, and dependable yet affordable systems. IoT is a catalyst in transforming Enterprises to become self-reliant, innovative, enhance operations, and thus higher productivity. The impact of IoT is very high and can be used in tablets, computers, smartphones, and cloud storage of data, etc. IoT can be used in different verticals so it will help the organisation to work seamlessly. The training and consultancy of these ingredients go on to be of great help for the future.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The other big thing in automation is machine learning which are techniques that reduce the dependency on human experts and once automated the system itself selects, composes, parametrises, measures, and takes corrective action which helps in getting optimum results. This increases the production capacity by cutting down the human interface and provides organisation agility to reap higher profits.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a buzzword that is doing rounds in all circles and the automation industry is not far behind on this. AI-enabled automation help is being thought off in all industries to increase efficiency and reduce human dependency right from design to implementation. The AI inputs provide a vital edge in testing and manufacturing.

According to Gartner's data and Analytics, 50% of the Organisations will have data literacy, smart algorithms, and high-resource computing power to provide real value of the business. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning will help any organisation to evolve to the fourth industrial revolution.

These techniques are used for product development and also to custom automation as per the requirement of the industry or clients. For example, if we talk of the switchgear industry among others it helps in

  • Quality control in the assembly line thereby ensuring product quality, fault recognition, and finding out the root cause by monitoring the entire process fast.

  • Testing and manufacturing automation.

  • Helps in machine maintenance

  • Helps in capacity utilisation


Hardware-in-the-loop is another technique that fakes the presence of mechanical and other interfaces in the system by connecting to all the input and output devices of the controller even before the final product is amalgamated. This helps in proto-typing without a proto-type by testing the anomalies which may arise at a later stage thereby full-proofing the system and giving a clear cut definition of the control algorithms. If they are required to be fine-tuned they can be done at this stage.

Machine data monitoring and MES

These tools are used to have a real-time clear picture from the shop-floor to top Management for taking fast decisions. The manufacturing execution system or MES are automated computerised systems that help document the entire production process thereby giving a clear idea in mapping the number of raw materials used to get the desired product, shutdown time, the effectiveness of the back-up supports, workers involved, etc. The advantages can be multiple and not restricted to these only:-

  • Capture unit cost

  • Capture time parameters

  • Reduce costs

  • Reduce inventory

  • Reduce downtime

  • Effective production

Automation is going to be a necessity in the forth-coming days. If we consider the power industry as an example we find that with time the infrastructure needs active monitoring and control systems to optimise grid assets by analysing performance and providing scalable flexibility. This can be achieved through improved grid integration of the renewable sources and implementing automated analytics which will ensure optimum utilisation and better situation analysis. In this regard, LabVIEW engineering software from National Instruments has revolutionised the approach in a much simpler way for all industries which test, measure, and control with access to data and hardware.

Exeliq Solutions are thus ready to delight the customer with this array of software right from idea inception to the final product through automation. With their approximate 2 years of experience in the field, they have already roped in more than 15 corporates which includes Xpertpack, Luminous, Voith, and lot more. With a vision to provide comprehensive solutions from PLM to CAD drawings, they are market-ready for the companies who have set their feet towards the horizon.


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 Exeliq helps our clients build stronger, agiler and more innovative business. We provide end-to-end design and engineering solutions ranging from new product development, engineering design, to support technical infrastructures such as product lifecycle management (PLM) and computer-aided design (CAD). In addition, we also provide training on industrial platforms to engineering students and professionals to increase their industrial competency. 


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